Technologies we provide

The Mafate Engine is a complete Framework 3D Game Engine that lies on multiple components:

- Application Framework
- 2D/3D Graphics Library
- Audio Library
- Input & Event Library
- File I/O Library
- Asset Management
- Memory Management
- Network Library
- Multiplayer Framework
- Device Detection
- Game Framework
- 3D World System
- Collision Engine
- Physics Engine
- Game UI Toolkit
- Particle System
- Procedural Terrain
- Other components

NP Cube has its own set of tools that comes on top of the Mafate Framework.

Loona is a game content creation tool for Digital Artists. Loona is today the only tool on the market that gives you the ability to create out-standing characters, worlds and animate them easily for cost effective projects.
Loona has been designed to be very open. An SDK is available for your development team to create your own plugin. Loona is open to various platforms

From database to scenario scripts this tool is designed to handle complex worlds and is very flexible thanks to its runtime.

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