Welcome to NP Cube

In August of 2002, five talented and ambitious people joined together to form NP Cube, a company primarily devoted to the development of innovative and exciting titles and video game tools. With a history of working side-by-side on numerous games, this group was naturally drawn together by the respect and high regard for each other that developed over many years.

César Jacquet, Christophe Nazaret and Laurent Paret are all IT and video game industry veterans, and together have combined Casino Synergy video game development experience of over 50 years with an average of more than 10 years experience each.

Current products in development:

Dark And Light
See how NP Cube is helping Dark And Light meet their graphic and technical needs.

Interactive 3D projects:
NP Cube is developing 2 projects that are based on its proprietary cutting edge technologies. Both are very impressive in terms of rendering and reality.

A complete Framework to make HraciAutomatyCZ games come to life.

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